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Star Codes


*You might need to reach out to us to be able to utilize some of these star codes.

*0 [ext]Speed DialSpeed dial an extension
*1Call TransferTransfer a call to another extension
*21Follow MeSet the Follow Me number
*4Attended Call TransferAttended call transfer to another extension. After the extension number press #
*411Directory*DIR to dial by name
*67 [phone number]Call PrivacyActivate call privacy
*69Call ReturnCall back the last incoming number
*72Enable Call ForwardEnables Call Forward
*73Disable Call ForwardDisables Call Forward
*732Record*REC followed by Administrative PIN to record a message
*74Call ForwardToggle Call Forward enable/disable
*78Enable DNDEnable Do Not Disturb
*79Disable DNDDisable Do Not Disturb
*8 [ext]Extension Intercom –Page a specific extension.
*870RedialRedial a number
*925Wakeup CallSchedule a wakeup call


Feature CodeNameDetail
*33 [ext]EavesdropListen to the call. Press 1 remote, 2 local, 3 full conversation, 0 mute
** [ext]Intercept an extensionIntercept a specific extension


Feature CodeNameDetail
*97VoicemailThe system detects the extension and will prompt for your password
*98Check any Voicemail boxThe system will prompt for both your id (extension number) and password
*99 [ext]Send to VoicemailSend a call directly to voicemail


Feature CodeNameDetail
*9195Delay EchoAudio is played back after a slight delay
*9196Echo TestEcho Test
*9197Milliwatt ToneTone Playback
*9664Test MoHTest Music on Hold
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